Tutorial ~ Easy to make bracelet.

Hi everyone, Elisa here welcoming you all to the humble beginnings of our blog. Big thanks to Victoria for making an excellent start. 

I thought I’d pull my weight and add an easy step by step tutorial. For this bracelet you will need:

  • Two bits of equal sized chain (make it big enough to fit your wrist.)
  • Your choice of beads.
  • A clasp.
  • Some jewellery pliers. 



So after you’ve separated your chain into two equal bits that will fit around your wrist (take into account that the bead will make it longer and if you don’t consider it you’ll make your bracelet too big!) Attach your bead to the chain.



Use the pliers to achieve this if you need to. 

To complete the simple bracelet attach the clasp in the same way:Image

And it’s finished!

Obviously you can use what ever beads you like; I just used ones from old bits of jewellery that were either broken or I didn’t wear.

Hope you’re inspired!



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