Tutorial ~ Little envelopes

Hi readers,

Victoria and I have been busy trying to get ‘meohmy’ started. We’ve been doing lots and lots of crafting for our pending Christmas stall and have made some really cute stuff.

I’d like to show you a tutorial which was inspired from a pinterest post: http://pinterest.com/pin/560698222328517351/.

There was also some feedback that the posts could be more comprehensive for those who are completely new to crafting so here’s a step by step of what I did to create these small envelopes.

You will need:


Step 1.

Draw round the template on the back of the paper you’ve chosen. And cut it out.


Step 2

Fold the flaps so they create a crease which will make it easier to fold when you stick.


Step 3:

Stick a measured piece of double sided tape down one side of the outer flaps (make sure its on the print side not the plain side). Fold the other outer flap over the top and stick it down.

Step 4:


So you should have something that looks likes this (the roll of tape is to stick the outer flaps down).

The next step is to apply some double sided tape to  the bottom flap, as above. Then stick it down over the top of the the outer flaps.


This is what it should look like from the back…

…and from the front.


Step 4.

Admire your work!


Cheers for tuning in!

Any feedback or comments are much appreciated!

Elisa x

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