Tutorial ~ The String and Chalkboard Guestbook

Hi there, Victoria here.

Ever been in a situation where you just don’t know what to get somebody for that special birthday?

Well it was my dad’s 50th birthday back in September and I wanted to make him something special. I think making something is more personal than buying a gift. I was puzzled for weeks. For a few weeks I’d been considering making him a herb box out of reclaimed wood since he enjoys cooking and gardening but it just didn’t feel special enough for the big 50. I wanted to make my dad something that he could look at and be reminded of just how old he is. Then as I made him this  card and the idea struck… string art. So I made him a blackboard guestbook.


In total I spent a couple of days making it and although it was fiddly it was really simple to make. I hope to make a few Christmas themed pieces.

This is the final piece, signed by a number of people at the party.


Want to see a tutorial for this? Then look no further.


Materials needed:

Chalkboard paint
Paper for template A3 or A4 paper
Measuring tape or ruler

Instructions follow diagrams from left to right, row by row.

1. Purchase some wood at the appropriate size.

2. Paint with ready-made chalkboard paint, allow to dry.  Give it two or three coats of paint.

3. Create a template using A3 paper, if your wood is small then A4 will be fine.

4. Trace around your template. Hammer in small nails along your outline but ensure they do not go all the way through the wood.  Leave an even space between each nail, I measured about 1.5cm between each nail.

5. Admire your skills since it is quite time consuming making it perfect.

6. Finish securing the nails along  your outline. I completed both numbers before applying the yarn.  At this stage you will want to rub out any pencil marks. I forgot to do this and although no-one else noticed it bugged me that they were there.

7. Pick a starting point and tie the end of your yarn to a nail using a single know. Snip the loose end off.

8. Wrap the yarn around the nails in your desired pattern. I looped the yarn once around each nail before taking it in a different direction to secure it in place.

9. Again admire your fine work.

What do you think?


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