Tutorial ~ Personalised map heart.

Hi all,

So the dreaded Valentines day is looming ever nearer and I’ve already seen love hearts galore creeping into shops. I thought I’d share a great gift idea that would be great for him or her: a personalised heart map.

These have been a trend for a while but are still quite dear on the highstreet. This is a tutorial that will give you bonus points not only with your girlfriend/boyfriend but also with your bank!

You will need:

  • A square frame.
  • A square mount. I got this from my local art suppliers for £3 but make sure it’s going to fit in your frame!!frames
  • Your map heart. You can design this on Photoshop like I did or you can just cut a heart out of a map!
  • White card
  • Scissors
  • All important double sided tape!

Once you have all you materials it’s really simple.

1. Stick the double sided tape to the back of the heart’s edges before you cut it out.

201308101402264052. Cut out the heart shape before taking the backing off the double sided tape: it’s neater and less fiddly for the next step.

3. Once you have it cut out peel off the backing and stick it to the white card.

201308101406066584. Cut the white card so it’s the correct size for the frame. This is really important because you’ll have to start again if it’s too small! Make sure the heart is central.

5. You’ll need to attach the card to the mount.  Stick small pieces of sticky tape under each corner. It doesn’t need to be the double sided but if you do use it there’s no need to peel off the back.

201308101408033236. Place the mount over the picture and stick it down, making sure the heart is still central.


If you have edges of tape poking out just cut them away.

6. Then simply pop it in your frame!


Hope you enjoyed!

E x

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