Tutorial ~ Puzzle Piece Magnets

Being a teacher means my life is hectic (all of the time) so I love a quick craft. Perfect to ensure I get a regular dose of creativity. Today I’m going to show you how to create these very simple puzzle piece magnets. Why not make use some of those puzzles you have stored away from when the kids were little or you could purchase any you find in a charity shop (that’s what I did I couple of years ago when I first came up with the idea of puzzle piece jewellery). Final2


Mod Podge, Puzzle Pieces, Glue Sponge and Magnets

You will need the following materials: Puzzle Pieces of your choice Mod Podge (I used the matte but you could use the glaze) Glue Sponge Magnets (I used a magnet strip that I cut to size but you could use round magnets) Super glue Now for the tutorial 1. Layout your puzzle pieces and cover them in Mod Podge on the picture side. Lay flat and allow to dry.


2. I used two coats to ensure a thorough coverage. I let the first coat dry and then covered them for the second time the next night. Lay flat and allow to dry. Lay flat and allow to dry 2. Next if you are using a magnet strip, cut you magnet to size. I simply used a pair of scissors to do this.

3. Using the super glue attach the magnet pieces to the back of the puzzle pieces. I placed them so they did not show on the other side.

Attach the magnet with the super glue

4. Once the super glue has dried attach to your fridge and admire.

I use these in my class room to hold important pieces of information on the metal lockers. The kids love them.



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