Inspiration ~ Valentines Inspiration

After Elisa wrote her post on her valentine ideas she asked if I could do one as we are both inspired by different things. I said okay knowing full well I DO NOT celebrate valentines day. I’m a firm believer that valentines day is pointless and that you should be showing and celebrating your love everyday of the year. So instead of gifts ideas for that one day I’m going to share ways of saying I love you any day of the year.

For him or her

The traditional post-it note in the lunchbox, it’s particularlyPost it note nice when they return it with an additional message.

Take the time to ask each other how the day has been, although it maybe the same everyday it’s nice to hear when something different has happened.

Put some photos of your favorite times together in a frame or two and put them in a prominent place, make it a joint activity so you can reminisce. Every time you look at the photos you will be reminded of the fun/excitement/thrills etc. you had together on that day.

For her

Buying her chocolate, flowers or any other small gift when you know she’s had a bad day. It will return the smile to her face.

Suddenly hold her hand when you are doing ordinary things such as watching the TV or shopping in the supermarket. This little gesture can means so much.

For him

Listen to his favorite music (even if we do hate Coheed and Cambria, yes Elisa maybe would should just every now and then), watch his favorite sport or play the horribly violent computer game  that you despise having to watch with him. Just every now and then.

Just a few inspirations to show your love everyday.



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