Tutorial ~ Washi Tape Cake Toppers

What a wet day! To combat the wet weather blues I’ve been baking. I made a simple vanilla cupcake recipe and topped them with a blackberry buttercream icing using some of last summers finest foraged fruits.  Then for some creativity I spent half an hour or so making cake toppers.


They were really simple to make.  You simply need some card,  paper, washi tape of your choosing, skewers or toothpicks, scissors and a pencil.

Step 1- draw a template of your shape on the paper. Cut it out.
Step 2 – draw around your template on the card. Cut it out.
Step 3 – cover your shape with strips of washi tape. Line each strip up carefully.
Step 4 – cut any washi tape that sticks over the edge of your shape.
Step 5 – using a strip of washi tape attach your toothpick or skewer to the back of your shape.  Now pop them into your cakes.


Hope you like them. Share your cake topper ideas with us here at MeOhMy!

V x

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