Inspiration ~ Three future projects

Hi all,

I’ve been scouting around for inspiration on my lunch break and have found three ideas that I’d love to do for future projects. My mind is always working and I often come up with ideas. I think it’s important to always have future DIY’s but on a realistic scale; so I’ve come up with a trinity of ideas ranging in difficulty level.

No 1// Difficult: dress.

439e98243b054af1e4392527c20f0179This dress is something I’ve been looking at doing for a while but I will obviously need to learn how to make a dress to begin with!

No 2// Medium: Nail and String feather.

c7d464342003d93d12d351ab3bd0adb5Such a great idea! I love it and this is so achievable with the right materials! Might try this at the weekend!

No 3// Easy: Necklace headband.

4be44901a89447ff5c33a3255051b7b5I’m doing this when I get home this evening! I have a necklace I’ve been looking to make into a headband but couldn’t fit it the whole way round my head (even though my head is really small)!

Are you DIYing this weekend? If so what are some your difficult, medium and easy ideas?

Take care.

E x

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