Inspiration ~ Prints

Hi all,

Just a quick update this week on prints! These are everywhere; in all the shops and on all the blogs I browse.

I’ve been searching through which is a brilliant site. It’s a bit like Etsy: a space where artists, online shops and such can sell their stuff. It’s not as handmade as Etsy but you can personalize things and some things are made to order.

Here are a few prints I’ve found on my searches…


1) Retro Coffee Quote print by of life and lemons – £14.50

2) Personalized Typographic print ‘retro tapes’ by Quoteography – £18

3) Personalized ‘Love’ print by Betsy Benn – £50

4) Liquid conversion wooden plaque by Dibor – £28.

It’s quite difficult to choose the exact print you want because here are so many. I think it would be a nice project for the future to make some with your own phrases that are maybe a bit more personal to you.
Hmm good idea for a weekend project!

Take care,

E x


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