Feature Friday!

Hi all,

Victoria and I thought it would be a good idea to make our previous post on ‘Three Future Projects‘ a weekly item, so we welcome the birth of ‘Feature Friday’. We will choose three ideas, ranging from a scale of easy to hard (with medium obviously in the middle), for future DIY projects.

This weeks Friday Feature’s are:

1// Difficult: Upcycled furniture.


This week our  difficult pick is upcycling furniture: not because it takes a level of honed skill (because it doesn’t) but because it takes a fair amount of time. You have to sand and clean the furniture, then paint it a few times as well as decorate the knobs. You will also need the space and weather to do it outside! This is definitely something I, Elisa, plan on doing very soon as all my furniture is in need of sprucing up!

2// Medium: Teacup garden.



We love these! Spring has just sprung and we feel in the mood for some gardening. When we saw these we thought they were charming and fairly easy to achieve. You’d obviously need to buy all the right things but it shouldn’t be too difficult!

3// Easy:  Scrabble bathroom sign


Our easy DIY project is this on trend sign. All you need is Scrabble and some string (you could drill holes in like the picture or we think you could use drawing pins/nails)! You could make any sign to anywhere!

We hope you enjoyed this Feature Friday and tune in next Friday for more!

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Take care,

E + V




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