Feature Friday!

Hi all,

Gosh this week has gone fast! I’ve meant to catch you up on our recent trip to The Country Living Fair but just haven’t had the time. I promise I will sort it out this weekend though!

This week I’ve been all about decorating ideas so have found three brilliant projects for this weeks Feature Friday.

1// Difficult – Reupholstered polka dot chair.


I love everything about this idea. I adore polka dots; I love black and white and I love this website: http://www.ispydiy.com. You’ll need time, some patience and some practice in order to do this project, but it’s definitely do-able and the end result looks brilliant.

2// Medium – Woodland Herb jars.


I couldn’t decide if this was a difficult or a medium project but I decided to put it up as a medium. It’s a really cute/unique idea to grow your herbs and it makes a great feature.

3// Easy – Glass Frame typography.


This is my favorite find of the week. It’s really simple! You need glass paint, an empty glass frame and a template, if you feel nervous about going free hand.

I recommend you have a look through www.thejealouscurator.com/blog because it is an absolutely amazing site full of talent and great ideas!

Have a great weekend all!

E x

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