Events ~ Country Living Fair

Hi all,

Last weekend Victoria and I were lucky enough to attend the Country Living Fair courtesy of Green and Blacks. We went to take a look at trends as well as get some inspiration for our own stall ideas.

There were lots of really creative stalls and some really fantastic ideas that stood out from the rest. We noticed trends like handmade needle felt animals; tweed and tartan themes, and people still going crazy for the faux shabby chic, distressed looking interior items.

Here’s how our day panned out.


We started on level one which held the garden and craft stalls. Most of the stalls were full of ‘shabby chic’ bird cages and overpriced lanterns, but we did come across a couple of things we liked.


These were actually fire pits and had been thoughtfully used as planting pots and we stumbled upon a brilliant stall specialising in twine and ribbon – and everyone loves twine and ribbon no?


Second level was focused on interiors. This is where we found some of the more creative stalls with a lot of handmade soft furnishings, prints, jewellery and cosmetics.  After that we were well in need of refreshment.


A lovely cuppa

After our tea (and massive piece of carrot cake) we went on to enjoy the Green and Blacks stall… it might have had something to do with the copious amount of free chocolate!




The show had a whole list of demonstrations and crafty hands on workshops. Unfortunately we didn’t get to any of the workshops but we did enjoy this chocolatey demo!

On our search for the delicious Green and Blacks we stumbled upon our favourite stall. It stood out to us because the stall had the most unique displays and the most desirable products.

PhoebeJewellery is a local (to us) jewellery designer and maker who silversmiths her own pieces and outsources her wooden pendants to a local tuner. We noticed it because the theme of the stall and the jewellery was nature. The designer had displayed all the necklaces, earrings and rings on twigs and blocks of wood, which is something we’ve been looking into for our own stall ideas.



The jewellery itself was in two collections: Woodland and Midnight. While the Midnight collection was great, with bat pendants, star rings and Crescent Moon necklaces, it was the Woodland Collections that stood out the most to us.

The pendants were wooden acorns and squirrel pendants. We both agreed the pieces were well made, cute but elegant and as Victoria put it ‘they were timeless’.

The whole day was great but this jewellery collection really made the day.

E x


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