Inspiration ~ Pallet Garden

Hi there,

Spring has arrived! My favourite times of the year are the start of Spring when everything reappears and the world begins to shine again and the start of Autumn when the colours change and the leaves become crisp and crunchy. Nothing beats running through a pile of dried leaves right?

Well now that Spring has arrived here in the UK it’s time to start enjoying our gardens again. Last year the boyfriend and I made a great effort in the garden… only for it to be ruined by a wet and wild winter. But I thought I’d show you some of the up-cycled bits and pieces we’ve created for our garden using pallets (I’m hoping that by writing this post it will inspire me to get back out there this year and start creating a delightful garden space again).


Let’s start with our first creation, the herb box.

We made this a couple of years ago when we were staying with Seb’s grandma and aunt. It was originally built for storing our dried food and cooking equipment for our camping trip to Snowdonia but after using it in the back of the car we decided it would be better placed in the garden. We saved some pallets that were shortly going to be turned into fire wood as they were rather pretty pallets (if pallets can be pretty) as they had a rustic look to them.

Herb Box Outside

My dad gave me a few herb trimmings as you can see in the image, they have blossomed since then and have taken over the rest of the box. We also bought some herbs from the supermarket but most of them died off with the snow last year. The chives however wow, they grew back some vengeance, they have just flowered and look beautiful [insert picture here when it’s not raining].


Second creation, the tables.

Really this table was our first real creation for this garden, we made it from scavenged pallets from the industrial estate nearby. We found some ideas online and then kind of amalgamated them to create our own using the materials we had to hand. We left it over the winter and it developed a lovely discoloration and then we ruined it by varnishing it with outdoor varnish… it did not look good. I thought we had a photo of this table before and after but I can not find it anywhere. So here is a picture of it covered with a very tasty tapas feast.

Our tapas table

Since we ruined the table above by varnishing it, Seb decided to build another table for the garden. This time he built it lower to the ground  and used just one pallet. We’ve played a few games of D&D around it, drank merrily into the sunset and relaxed beside the chiminea on many an occasion. Low table

I much prefer this table. It’s low to the ground and we sit on a number of hand-me-down garden cushions in the long summer evenings. I’m determined that this summer I will make some of my own garden cushions to go with this table, I want them large with a Moroccan inspired look to them.

Our third and final creation was the raised bed

Again we made this using pallets scavenged from the local industrial estate. Seb did much of the hardwork for this one, I was little help. Although I did support with the a bit of measuring, hammering and standing in  the garden making noises in the appropriate place when he was trying to solve a problem.

Building Raised Bed

Raised Bed Outside

The raised bed

Yes that is a beer trap for the slugs. They loved it.

We adored our raised bed last year and grew a variety of lettuces, a few carrots, broad beans and peas. However after a trip to Scotland and no-one willing to water our plants through the long hot fortnight we were away by the time we got back they were DEAD. Tear! Since then the cats have taken a liking to it and have pooped in just about every inch of it . I hate cats as it is, I now hate them even more as it means I can no longer grow food in my raised bed so instead I’ve planted some wild flowers for the bees and butterflies. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the cats out and give the flowers a chance to grow… however they seem determined to sunbathe and poop in it.

My cat proofing

My attempt at cat proofing the raised bed this year.

And so to finish this post I will leave you with an image of our first fire of this year. This was the first hot day of the year and we  enjoyed cooking sausages over the fire with a stick and grandfather fork. Bliss. I’m  hoping that we will have the opportunity for many more. fire



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