Tutorial ~ Button Heart Necklace

I have a deep obsession with buttons. Many years ago I started buying buttons from the charity shops in Aberystwyth, this was at a time when I used to make button jewellery. I soon got addicted and instead of using the buttons I started to stockpile them. I soon had enough to colour sort them into jars. Since then I’ve barely touched the buttons as they look so pretty in the jars.


Recently I thought I really ought to make use of them and show them off a little so I made this button heart necklaceButton Heart

Here’s how to make your own version of this sweetie. tools

You will need the following:

  • buttons
  • felt
  • pins
  • pencil
  • ribbon
  • pencil
  • jewellery pliers
  • split rings for jewellery making
  • Needle and thread
  • Fabric glue


Step 1. Draw a template of your shape whether it be a heart or not. Cut it out and pin it to the sheet of felt. Cut around your template. Trim your shape so the edges are smooth and even. Repeat these steps so you have two pieces of felt cut to the same shape. step 1

Step 2. Take one of your felt shapes. Arrange the buttons on your felt until you are happy with the colours and arrangement. You may wish to take a photo at this point to remind you as you sew the buttons on. I didn’t do this part, I just sewed them on, but I would recommended planning your arrangement before you start sewing.

Step 3. Sew your buttons onto your shape until it is covered and you are happy with the arrangement. step 3

Step 4. Turn your shape over, you’ll see that where you have sewn the buttons on it doesn’t exactly look pretty. So take your spare shape and glue it on to the back. Align it carefully with the edges of your other side, ensure that you can not see the backing from the other side. step 4

Step 5. Now it’s time to turn this into a pendant. It’s quite simple really. Take the split rings and decide where you are going to place them. I used two and put one on either side to balance the weight of the buttons. Carefully sew each split ring through both layers of felt. step 5

Step 6. Take your ribbon and cut into two equal lengths. Thread one through one split ring and the other through the second split ring. Tie up around your neck for instant cutie. step 6

How do you use buttons? I’d love some inspiration for using mine.



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