Tutorial ~ Big Bead Necklace

It must be holiday time for me, multiple posts from me in one week. I bet your surprised.

This week I went to Cardiff to visit my Mum. of course I had to visit  the Crystals and Ice bead shop, I’ve been visiting the shop for years to purchase bits and pieces for making jewellery. I spent a fortune on bits and pieces; I’m feeling rather inspired at the moment and had to stock up.

Again it wouldn’t be a visit to Cardiff if I didn’t visit the button shop. I’ve been buying buttons from there for many years. In fact I have one button from the shop that I purchased  just before I went to university in 2005; I’ve still been unable to use it in a way to show off it’s beauty. I really must find something to do with it, it’s a shame for it to sit in the button jar  looking pretty. Anyway whilst in the button shop I spotted some fantastic wooden beads. I like to call them Big Beads… self explanatory really.

As soon as I saw them I instantly had an idea. It was time for a DIY Chunky Necklace.

2014-04-09 22.33.08


To make your own is really easy.

You will need

  • big beads of your choice
  • leather thong or similar jewellery making thread
  • a button

Step 1.  Cut your leather thong to your desired length.

Step 2. Decide on the arrangement of your big beads and thread your beads onto your  leather thong.Bead ArrangementStep 3. On one end of the leather thong make a double overhand knot so you have a hoop. knot

Step 4. On the other end of your thong thread a button of your choice and tie a knot to keep it on. Check to ensure the button goes through the hoop you have made. If so then you are done. Simple hey?

Button Up

Big Beads




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