Inspiration ~ Weather

As a geography teacher I get pretty obsessed with the weather at times. I love teaching the technicalities of the processes along with the impacts of extreme weather, it’s just so interesting. As a result of my passion I love all things weather related including crafts and jewellery.

Recently at the Country Living Fair I came across a glass artist by the name of Rachel Elliott. She had created an array of glass earrings with a variety of weather symbols. Rachel explained that they were a new design she recently created and I was fortunate to be the first person to purchase a pair. Awesome!

I adore these little fellas. I just need to buy more clothes to go with the colour.

Weather Earrings

Here are a few other weather related projects I have come across that I think are very cute.



1. Nice Weather Stamps  from eatpraycreate
2.  Fimo Cloud from MimiTheRainbow
3. Cloud Magnets from Eat Drink Chic

For more weather and cloud related crafts follow our Pinterest page



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