Tutorial ~ Cloud Necklace

Hi all,

We’re so happy that you all loved Victoria’s Inspiration – weather post! We thought we’d show you how that inspiration has been reflected in our own crafty designs.

You will need the following (photos not our own due to camera issues!):

White felt

                             White felt                                




Jewellery chain, blue beads and connecting rings.

Jewellery chain, blue beads and connecting rings.

Step 1// Cut out cloud shapes from the felt. Make one slightly smaller than the other for a layering effect. If you have trouble with cutting out shapes free hand then it’s best to print off a template and cut round it.

Step 2// Cut three pieces of jewellery chain of different sizes, the longest being approx 2 inches long. Superglue the chain to the outside of your biggest cloud shape.


Step 3// Either stitch or glue your smaller cloud shape on top, so the chains are sandwiched between.


Step 4// Measure a length of chain that will fit over your neck and attach to the back of the layered cloud… you can either stitch or glue! You can add a clasp if you desire – in this case measure two lengths of chain and attach the clasp to the end.

Step 5// Prepare your beads. Thread a headpin through the bead and loop the end. You can the attach the beads to the three hanging chains with connecting rings. You will need pliers 🙂


Ta da! One weather themed, handmade necklace. If you would like to purchase our above necklace please click on the image.

Hope you enjoyed!

Take care,

E x

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