My instagram week ~ April

Hi all,
Elisa here.  I thought I’d check in and share my week with you.  The manfriend and I have up-sized from a two bed flat to a two bed house! 

It’s been pretty hectic but like always we just went with the flow and moved everything in one day!  Not saying that there weren’t times of stress…  Like hiring a van…  Or scheduling an opticians appointment in the middle if moving day…  Neeever mind.

If I were to give anyone any tips on moving they would be 1// prep: make sure you have boxes, cleaning products and a van!  2// prepare: I started packing a week before we moved,  I did it room by room.  3// have a plan for moving day and stick to it!  That way everyone knows where they should be and when.  Lastly 4// try and rope some friends into helping…  And involve cider into any part of the day 😛

By the end of last week though I was shattered!  Luckily I’d booked some time off so have rejuvenated and have began sorting out my new home! 

Here is my instagram week,  and keep ‘tuning in’  for some of my upcoming  favourite home ideas post.




The joys of flat pack!


Well earned break. Scrummy pink lemonade


My favourite corner

Take care,
E x

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