Tutorial ~ DIY paper flowers

Hi all,
Don’t you love it when you get a parcel through the door? It’s like a little gift even though you bought it. I recently had something delivered that was wrapped in pink tissue paper, which of course I kept! Since it was so sunny and warm today I decided to sit in my new garden and use the pink paper to finally make a couple of flowers.

For this project is used the following:


– tissue paper
– double sided tape
– A stick (to be used as the stalk)

Really simply I started by wrapping a small piece of double sided tape around the top of my stalk.
I cut out tear drop shapes from the tissue paper and started layering them on.



I made sure that I stuck the tissue paper petals on alternate sides to create a nice layering look.  I also made my petals bigger as I layered to give the flower more shape.


Once I was happy with my flower I used an old mini gin bottle,  a left over fabric poppy from my flower crown supplies,  and added a pop of colour to my home decor.


This was so quick and easy to do and I think the results are so great…  Even if I did spill wax from the candle all over myself!!

Take care.
E x

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