Inspiration ~ Buisness Cards

Elisa and I are at the point in our crafty adventures where we need business cards to promote the blog and  ETSY shop.

We’ve discussed our ideas a few times but just haven’t got to the point of making them yet.

This post is kind of our mood board of ideas. We’ll probably update it with other designs and inspirations as we discover them. We really want to make our card design represent us as a crafty duo, if you could shout out “look at me” that would help. Eventually we’ll make a few prototypes and see what all you lovely people think of our designs.


Inspiring Ideas

We loved the stitching detail of these upcycled cards from over at www. Really simple but effective.

Now this is very me, I love all things brown paper and string. I thought these would be great for events we attend, we could fill them with wild flower seeds to say more than just these are our contact details. Thank you for the inspiration you lovely people at HEY LOOK



Have you created your own business cards? Where did you find your ideas and inspirations? We’d love to hear from you guys on how you promote your hard work. Leave us a comment.

V x



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