Tutorial – Hanging pictures.

Hi all,

It’s been a busy week unpacking boxes, building furniture and finding a place for everything but I finally found some time to put up our record frames. Now the last time I did this I decided I could do it by eye and it would all be fine… not the case! I managed to add about six holes to the wall which didn’t look very nice and to add insult to injury the frames were all uneven! Typical me – no patience.

This time I planned and thought it through so as to not repeat the same mistake. It took about 45 mins in total, to match the three frames up and finally hang them, but it was worth it not to have wonky pictures and extra holes!

I thought I’d share with you how I did it so that maybe I can inspire you to not make the same mistakes as me.

So before you begin this project you will need to remember the main points about hanging pictures: layout, spacing and measurement.  You want to work out how you want you pictures to look together; you want the frames to all fit nicely and be even distances apart from each other (the brain loves symmetry and it’s very noticeable when thinks look off balance); and you want to make sure that all the frames are centred on the wall correctly – again to create balance.

To begin you will need the following:


  • Paper
  • String
  • Masking tape
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Picture hooks
  • Your picture

My method was as follows:

1// Use your pictures to cut out templates from the paper.  Using the masking tape you can use the paper templates to change your layout as many times as you like without ruining the wall! Jpeg

I decided on a column for my three pictures. Don’t worry about any measurements just yet as you’re just playing around to see what you like.

2// After you’ve reached a decision on the layout you need to decide on the spacing. How high should the pictures hang on the wall? How far apart from each other should they be? You will need to use your tape measure here and start by finding the center of the wall. Pretty self explanatory: just measure the width of the wall and divide it in two.


Can you see it? :P

Can you see it? 😛

I stuck some string on the centre line to make it clear. I made sure the top all the way down to the bottom was centred by using my tape measure.

3// I stuck my templates back on the wall, this time making sure they were centred against the string. All I did to find the centre of the template was divide the width in two and then stuck the centre point to the string.

4// Next I started from the top  and began to mark out where my picture hooks were going to go.


5// I hung my top picture. Remember you want your picture hook sitting on the central line.


6// To hang the next one you want to measure out exactly what distance you want it from the top picture. Use your tape measure and mark it off next to the string – I distanced mine 3 inches apart. Take into account where the picture will hang and where the nail goes into the picture hook is not the same place (I measured 3 inches from the bottom of my top picture to the bottom of the picture hook).


7// Once you’ve attached your picture hook in the right place you can hang your second picture just as you did your first.  Repeat the same process until all you pictures are up. mid hang


Use your tape measure to make sure all the pictures are hanging equidistant from each other as well as hang centrally on the wall. Once you’re happy that they are all hanging where they should be (which they ought to if you’ve followed all the instructions), step back and admire what you have just done! A symmetrical display of awesome pictures with the added bonus of an intact, hole free wall :P.

Take care,

E x

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