Tutorial – last minute easter card.

Hi all,
Eek! So you’ve done the shopping: easter eggs for the kids, check; booze for the adults,  check; snacks,  games and the order for sunshine in,  check.  Easter cards…  There’s always one thing I forget! 

Have no fear! Here’s a really simple handmade card idea that can be done in no time.

You will need the following:


-Washi tape
– A piece of card
– scissors
– glue or double sided tape
– A pen
– a blanket card.

My easy method
1// Stick the Washi tape in some kind of pattern onto the piece of card…  You can also glue bits of paper if you don’t have Washi tape (if you don’t have Washi tape you should probably get some…  It’s amazing!)


2// Draw an egg shape on the back of the Washi taped card and cut it out.



3// Cut the egg in two with a zig zag through the middle.


4// Stick your two pieces onto your blank card with the tape or glue.


5// Write a message on the card…  You can opt for something witty using egg puns or do what I did and use ‘have a cracking easter’…  Get it?  Cracking cos the egg is broken and cos it means have fun…  Ah never mind ๐Ÿ˜›



Phew!  Problem solved.  Who wouldn’t want a lovely homemade card?  No one?  Right answer!

Off to drink cider with Victoria!  Have a great 4 day weekend all.  Take care,

E x

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