Feature Friday!

Hi all,

Victoria and I have had a great Easter. We both had the week off, Victoria being a teacher and me taking the opportunity to take four days holiday (but with the weekends and bank holidays it was ten days! Woo)

We’ve loved keeping up with the blog and getting more posts out to you all. We hope you’ve enjoyed them and continue to pop by to take a peek at what we’re up to! We plan on being pretty busy and have an exciting project next month that’s all very hush hush – but of course we’ll fill you in when we can!

Last weeks Feature Friday took a break due to the bank holidays so we thought we’d bring it to you today. As you may or may not know we take great enjoyment in reinventing already existing things we have; breathing new life into them or making them unique to us. This week we’ve chosen the theme of upcycling as our Feature. We selected three projects ranging from easy to difficult, so we hope you find inspiration and enjoy these finds.

1// Easy – Revamp your bedding!


Love this idea. I have a set of plain white bedding that is pretty dull, so with some fabric paint and a pencil I can make it awesome! I must do this!

2// Medium – Bringing life and style into your storage boxes!


I’ve been going a bit insane this week because all my craft things are in mismatched shoe boxes; so unorganized and messy looking! I looked into getting some nice storage boxes but they are so expensive. This idea solves all the above problems! They look stylish, neat and are inexpensive. Again a must do project!

3// Difficult – Book Clutch


I love this idea. I’ve searched around for the best tutorials and even tried it a few times myself (with mixed results) but then I stumbled upon the above tutorial and it’s just brilliant! We’ll be making some and putting them up on our ETSY shop.

We’re really keen to try out all these projects. We’d love to know if you’ve been inspired and we’d love to see your results.

Take care,

E x

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