My instagram week – April

Hi all,

Elisa here. I’m back at work this week after a hefty ten days off.  I so enjoyed my time off that all I can think about are my next DIY projects,  my next blog post and when is it home time! 
I’ve got so many ideas running around my head that it’s hard to organise what project to do first! I really need to sort out the boxes full of craft things that are still lying in my dining room so I guess I should start there… 


Yay free craft shelves!

The man friend bought home a whole bunch of wine boxes this week!  Amazing!  There are many perks when you work in the wine trade and a free DIY shelving unit is top on my list.

It is even harder to organise yourself when it’s sunny outside and there are all the Spring and Summer flowers coming out!





What do you mean I got a bit snap happy with the foliage?  Rubbish!
I did find time to tear myself away from the pretty flowers and actually do some little projects…


Like getting my first sewing machine and a lesson from the mother!!! 


And Washi taping my sunglasses to make them even more awesome!

Not too bad of a week really…  With the added bonus of stuffing ones face with Easter eggs.  What!?  No! Not me!  😉

Take care,
E x

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