Liebster Award

Wowzer! Somebody likes us enough to pass us the Liebster Award. I say that like I might know what I’m talking about. So I had to look it up after the lovely Emma over at Fall from Grace nominated Me Oh My!

liebster aware

It’s pretty much a way of saying ‘Well Done’ or ‘your blog is great’ to bloggers that are still developing and have under 500 followers, so thanks Emma, we appreciate it.

Here’s how it works


– Thank the blogger that nominated you
– Answer 11 questions from the person that nominated you
– Nominate 11 new blogs (of course, with under 500 followers) and make 11 questions for them to answer.

Easy right? Brilliant, let’s give it a go.

Our Q&A from Fall from Grace

1. If you could ask 5 people any one question, what questions would you ask to who?

V says I would ask do you prefer cookie dough or chocolate brownie? That was a tricky one. I’d ask that to anyone as soon as a Ben & Jerry’s ice creams comes up.

E says I would ask ‘what is the secret’ to the first five people I see smiling!

2. What is your secret passion?

V says geography, although that’s not really a secret passion if you know me.

E says hmm tricky. I’m openly passionate about crafting and I like a lot of things but sadly I’m not secretly passionate about anything.

3. What is your current project?

V says with work being so busy at the moment my main project is ensuring I wake up in the mornings and go to bed at night, however when I do have some downtime it’s creating felt brooches for our etsy shop.

E says I have so many projects running around my head, which you can have a look at on Feature Fridays, but what I’m doing now is organising my craft space.

4. Who do you love to love?

V says I love to love making, I wish I had more time/motivation on weekends after a hard week in school to just get on with a project each weekend. In the holidays I can spend hours making and create something to be proud of. During term time I find myself starting projects and never finishing them which is one of my bugbears.

E says who do I love to love? I love lamp?


5. What is your favourite ever ‘find’?

V says the button shop in Cardiff. I found it when I was about 14 in one of the arcades and have loved visiting it ever since. When ever I visit home a visit to the button shop is essential. I’ve never had the money to go mad in there but I still hope that the day will come where I can buy as many buttons as my heart desires.

E says anything black and white scandi style. I love monochrome! I have this chevron Washi tape that I pretty much use on everything!

6. Who or what inspires you when you feel like giving up?

V says the thought of a half finished project… I can’t stand that feeling of leaving a project.

E says I don’t tend to ever feel like giving up. If I ever get to that stage I always talk myself into pushing on and finishing.

7. Who is your creative hero?

V says my dad. When I was a kid my dad would often draw for me. Usually cartoons for me to colour in. I was always encouraged to paint, draw, cut and stick etc and although my parents weren’t particularly creative, their encouragement spurred me on take pleasure in creativity. I’m afraid I’ve never really followed any artists or makers so this has to be a personal hero.

E says I’m really inspired by the ladies over at


8. Do you prefer making or buying gifts?

V says MAKING!

E says I like both. I love gift giving – not to blow my own trumpet but it’s a skill I believe I’m pretty good at.

9. What are your ‘must haves’ in your making kit?

V says glue, scissors, embroidery thread, buttons, beads, wire and wire cutters. With these in my supply kit I will always think of something to make.

E says double sided sticky tape!

10. Do you create with music or TV on, or prefer silence?

V says music.

E says the TV is on because the man friend is watching it but often, if I’m on my own, I can sit in silence for hours.

11. If you could make something for anyone on the planet, who and what would it be?

V says stenciled t-shirts for one of my favourite bands, Big D and the Kids Table.

E says I would design and make a piece of  jewellery that could be handed down through the future generations of my family.

Our Nominations

(Me Oh My! follow all of these blogs and wordpress says they have 500 or less followers, however I’m pretty sure some of them MUST have more than surely?)

A crafted life

A pair & a spare

Beak Up Crafts

Creature Comforts

damask love


Oh So Lovely Vintage

Oh Happy Day!

Poppy Talk

Shelley Makes

The Craftettes

Our questions for our  Nominations

V’s questions

1. Where in the world would you most like to visit? Post an awe inspiring picture of it.

2. What have you learnt recently?

3. If you have only one craft/photography/writing tool for the rest of your life what would you choose?

4. Name one book you would recommend as an ultimate read

5. If your life was part of a fairy tale, what would your character be like?

E’s questions

6. If you could be anyone for one day who would you be? Why and what would you do?

7. What trait do you like about yourself?

8. What made you laugh today?

9. What would be the theme in a film about your life?

10. What advice would you give us, as new bloggers, to get more exposure?

From both of us

11. On your blog which post is your favourite? What about on ours? Add a link to both.



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