Tutorial ~ Potato stamping

Hi all,
Yesterday was the start of my organisation project so I can finally get all the boxes removed from our dining room! 
I wanted to put together my wine boxes and make my shelf but firstly needed to sort the wine boxes out.  My plan was to find some nice paper and back the inside of each of them so they looked bit more polished. 
However I couldn’t find any paper I liked!  Typical.  So I decided to extend the project and design my own printed paper.  I chose to use the good old fashioned potato stamp method.
To begin I thought I’d share with you an easy 2 step tutorial on how I made my potato stamps.
You will simply need the following:


– Some potatoes
– A small knife or scalpel
– Card templates with your choice of shape.

1// Cut the potatoes in half and stick the template on.


2// Use the scalpel to carefully cut round the shape, cutting away the sides to leave the shape raised.



Not much else to it!  Now you’re ready to stsmp away. 


I’ll let you guys see how my paper and wine box shelves turned out! 

Take care,
E x

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