Feature Friday!

Hi all,

Goodness me what a long week! I feel like it’s gone on forever! Thank goodness it’s a bank holiday this weekend – that extra day off always really helps. I vote a three day weekend every week?

This week I thought I’d go back to what I love: monochorme!

‘Yay’ I hear you rejoice.

So yeah, I love black and white things BUT they can’t just be any old black and white things (because often it can look a bit cheap and tacky); I particularly love black and white I guess ‘Scandi style’ things.

I’ve found some great black and white DIY’s ranging from small projects to big projects for your enjoyment and hopefully inspiration!

No 1// Small Project – updating plain to awesome!





By using a Sharpie and some porcelain paint it’s so easy to add patterns to your plain items such as these ideas! It can really make such an improvement to your otherwise basic homewares.

2// Smallish project – printing!



Along the same lines: updating your basic soft furnishings by printing with stamps and fabric paint can add life and a personal touch to your home.

No 3// Medium project – Making your room look fantastic!




You can spend some time either painting or Washi taping to create new wall designs or upgrade your furniture. I love the wall!

No 4// Big project – DIY rug



Something that I really want to do. It’s so hard to find a rug you actually like, with the right pattern, that’s the right colour… so why not buy a less expensive one, design your own pattern, and use your own paint!

What DIY projects are you doing this weekend?

Take care,

E x


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