Feature Friday!

Hi all,

So it’s Friday. I’ve got work to do but all I can think about is the pending craft stall and how much we have to do! Crafty Beggars is a great opportunity for us and we want to get the most out of the experience. Super excited and a bit nervous about being in front of the camera – I feel rigid and jerky movements might be a problem!

We are able to decorate our stall and we’ve been coming up with ideas for weeks! Therefore this Feature Friday will concentrate on a few DIY display ideas.

1// Small project: Kitchen Roll stands



A really easy and simple idea that costs hardly anything!

2// Medium project: Cluster displays



I chose these because they are more than just displays: they’re like little sculptures in themselves. The form of these stands are as important as the function as they draw attention which will in turn draw interest into the product displayed on them. I think the dollhouse chair one is awesome!

3// Medium project again – Necklace stands


This is a really nice, polished idea and I think makes the product look fantastic. It’s really important to have a display unit that is going to enhance what you’re selling and this stand does just that. Brilliant!

4// Bigger project – Twig stand




These stands are only bigger because you may need power tools, paint and specialist glue. Other than that it’s a pretty basic idea that really stands out. When we went to the Country Living Fair we came away remembering the stall from PheobeJewellery stand because out of all the stalls there the display was the best.


We will keep you updated on the progress of our stall and add in tutorials of everything we make! If you are able to pop down to the stall in Brighton on Sunday we’d love to meet you!

Take care,

E x



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