Tutorial ~ DIY Tree Branch Jewellery Stand

Hello there,

Many moons ago (about 3 years ago in fact) I lived in the middle of the Welsh countryside surrounded by nothing but fields, trees and mountains. It was peaceful and very idyllic. The only problem was to get anywhere it was miles away, I mean it. The nearest town, Machynlleth was 3 miles away. The next biggest urban area was Aberystwyth, that was 21 miles away.


Beautiful wouldn’t you agree?


As a result of my rural isolation I became very frugal, to be honest I always have been but at this point I took frugal to the extreme. Making use of everything and anything.

One thing I needed was a jewellery stand for the many necklaces I had been creating in the peace and tranquility of the welsh mountains. I came across a wonderful piece of drift wood down at Aberdovey (a very beautiful beach might I add) and decided it would be handy for making a jewellery stand. Soon after this was born out of the remanants of paper, string, a tin,  lentils and the drift wood.


branch jewellery stand


You will need:-

  • drift wood
  • a clean food tin
  • dried lentils
  • scrap paper (long enough to go around the tin)
  • string

1. Ensure the tin is clean and dry.
2. Wrap the paper around the tin and tightly tie the string around to secure it. 3. Fill the tin with the dried lentils.
4. Stand your drift wood in it and done.

Hang your jewellery and admire it.


Have you made any of your own? We’d love to see your DIY jewellery stands.



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