Tutorial ~ DIY Polka Dot Tablecloth

Hi all,

As you may have noticed we’ve been a bit slack on the old blog front, but there is good reason! We’ve been so, so busy prepping for our Crafty Beggars stall that we just haven’t had the time!

All the time spent on preparing was well worth it though and our stall looked great! We had a vision of what we wanted it to look like and it was great to see it all coming together.

As we had never done a stall before we found that these things were really helpful:

  • Have a theme: colour/style/product
  • Think about the hardware and link it to your theme: stands/boxes/holders
  • Visually plan out what you want your stall to look like: draw/paint it
  • Prep: take the time to try things out and make things yourself.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what we envisioned our stall to look like:


And here’s a little look at what it looked like!


We were so proud!

Before we jump into our brilliant weekend and show you the final stall in full we are going to do a few tutorials on the ‘hardware’ we made for the stall. We wanted to make as much as we could because we like to! But also because we wanted quite specific things and the best way to get exactly what you want (on the cheap) is to DIY it!

So here’s how I made the Polka Dot Tablecloth that cost me £2.

What you will need:


  • A cork
  • Paint
  • Paper tablecloth that you can find in Supermarkets

Step 1// Spread the tablecloth out so it’s fully open and flat and prep the paint.


Step 2// Simply dip the end of the cork into the paint and start printing on to the tablecloth. Don’t get too much paint on the end and don’t press too hard or the circles will smudge.


Step 3// Do it all over the cloth and leave to dry over night.


Step 4// Admire!

We found this such a quick (30 mins max), easy and affordable way to up-style our tablecloth! We hope you find inspiration in this and try it out yourselves.

Take care,

E x

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