Feature Friday!

Hi all,

Elisa is away this weekend and has been unable to do our Feature Friday! post. But don’t worry, I’ve picked it up. Eck! I hope it do it justice.

I love the simplicity and beauty of flowers in jars. I remember one time on a night out at uni (whilst a wee bit tipsy) I came across some beautiful tulips in the flower pots on the high street and couldn’t resist picking a few (sorry mum! ). I got home in my tipsy state and had nothing to put them in! Oh no!

No fear! I found some glass jars set aside for recycling and that was my first time. I’ve loved using them ever since. Today I share with you some ideas for using jars for flowers.


1// Really Easy – Put beautiful flowers in jars – simple!


So simple yet so sophisticated. Simply reuse jars you have at home or if you prefer buy some with decorated glass such as mason jars. Fill with water and add your freshly cut flower. Perfect!


2// Easy – add a bit of decoration to the jar

Add some decoration to the jar, this could be anything from some garden twine, ribbon, washi tape or paper. Anything to add that little extra something.

3// Easy but more time consuming – Hang them


Well I enjoyed looking for ideas to share and inspire. I can’t wait for the BBQ season to begin so I can decorate the garden for friends. Until then, enjoy.




*to view the tutorial/original ideas for these please click the image to be taken to the source.

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