My instagram week ~ May

Hi all,
So over the last few years I’ve began to slightly despair that I wasn’t quite getting to where I wanted to be in terms of my job.  I’ve celebrated my degree in film production by being a waitress, a retail assistant and an outdoor activities instructor… the latter being so much fun!  However I always got to a point where I thought I could progress but then it always tended to fall through.  Sometimes it was my decision not to go further with things but sometimes you have to make changes when you know in your heart it’s not right.  This week at work I got called into my boss’ office and promoted!  I think because I have worked in the service industry for so long,  which is pretty full on work and you have no choice but to work hard,  that I hadn’t really considered my role as ‘hard work’.  As it turns out other people think I’m doing a great job so was rewarded with a lovely bottle of British sparkling wine!


What else has happened?  Oh yeah I had my first free weekend in ages!  Naturally this was spent with a lie in and a lovely breakfast courtesy of the manfriend.


In keeping with a week of celebration I was surprised to open my magnum ice cream to discover it was silver!


And what week would be complete with some pretty flowers and some wine!?



We hope you’ve all had a brilliant week!
Take care,
E x

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