Feature Friday!

Hi all,

It’s that time again! Yay it’s almost the weekend!

So I don’t know about you but I love being outside, especially if it’s sunny! Though I have spent a good amount of time out in the rain with puddles in my boots (literally) but it’s still all good fun.

In our new house we have a super awesome back garden that’s a real sun trap… it has the sun all day. We are really lucky. So obviously we want to spend as much time out there as humanly possible however we have no patio furniture! We’ve looked into how much tables and chairs are and we’re like ‘say what!’

I have a desire to DIY and make our own so here are a few inspirational garden ideas I’ve found ranging from big projects to smaller projects. Enjoy!

1// Big projects – DIY reclaimed wood table.


A really brilliant looking table used from wood bought at B&Q and reclaimed wood from local woodstore.


Another awesome idea – bit more time consuming but still quite simple if you have the time.

2// Medium projects – Moss graffiti.


I love this idea! This tutorial follows the inspiration from http://www.annagarforth.co.uk who describes herself as a ‘multidiscilpinarydesigner‘. Imagine graphic design but with space, nature in a physical 3D environment. This idea would be a great way to decorate that ugly wall you have glaring at you in the garden!

3// Smaller projects – garden tote bag.


A cute idea from Brit + Co (a brilliant site). Quite simple and made even easier with the clear step by step tutorial. We love these because not only are the totally useful and cute, but also they would store away easily taking up no space at all!

Reclaimed hanging basket.


This is a great way to reuse your colander if you so desire. I actually love this idea and to make it more unique you could always paint it.

Cement plant pots.


Lovely idea making your own pots from cement and yoghurt pots. The tutorial is a bit American but you can substitute the products for your own local ones. These make for a really nice, rustic finish. Loving them!

Next week I’ll do some ideas for those who don’t have much, or any, outdoor space!

Take care all and have a great weekend!

E x

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