Tutorial ~ Seed Bead Bracelets

Beads! I love them, ever since I can remember I’ve had a stash of beads in my home. A few years ago I amalgamated my many bead supplies into my mum’s old sewing tin (shhhh, she doesn’t know I ‘borrowed’ it when I went to uni). There are some beads in there that I have had since I were 7/8 years old… can they be called vintage?

Whilst sorting through my craft supplies recently I came across a variety of seed beads in my tin and felt inspired to make use of them and in preparation for our stall next week I decided to make some bracelets with them.


seed bead bracelet complete




To make your own you will need the following

equipmentStep 1 . Take your wire and cut it to size. I cut mine to 2 inches.
Step 2. Using the round nose pliers, at the end of the wire create a tight loop.
Step 3. Feed your seeds onto the wire. Leave at least 1cm to finish the wire.

step 123

Step 4. Once your wire is complete, finish the wire off with another loop using the round nose pliers.

Step 5. Prepare your chain. Using the wire cutters, cut the chain to the desired length.
Step 6. Attach your findings to the chain at either end, in this example I used a clasp and split ring in my example. I also added a bead to the split ring for decoration.
Step 7. Cut your chain in half using the wire cutters
Step 8. Attach the chain to the wire using the split rings.collagestep 678Step 9. And your done! Time to wear your seed bead bracelet with pride.


braceletHope you’ve been inspired.



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