Events ~ Bewl Water Kent and Sussex Show.

Hi all,

Long time no speak on my part! You ever have one of those weeks where you don’t have time to breathe let alone keep up with writing!? Well it’s been one of those weeks, which has been made worse because the weather is so perfect right now and all I want to do is be outside :(. I think I might be cold blooded because I love basking in the sun.

Anyway today was another one of those glorious days and we spent it at the Kent and Sussex Show at Bewl Water. Now Bewl Water is my idea of perfect. If I was asked to describe my happy place it would be like one of those places in those American Camp movies: lakes, boats, green hills all around and happy families running around – well this is Bewl Water! I loved it.


See what’s not to love? There were boats and everything!

Unfortunately we were stuck in a little car park and not over looking this view so I couldn’t enjoy it fully.

Doing the fair was a bit of a last minute deal and I’ve spent all week frantically getting together a gazebo, a table and then making more products! It’s really worth just going for these things even if you’re not fully prepared – I had only 5 evenings to organise myself and I managed to borrow a table and a gazebo (I just harassed everyone I knew and those I didn’t too!)

I may have also managed to blow up a glue gun, but we don’t like to talk about that!

I was a bit apprehensive because I wasn’t sure what to expect and the title ‘Kent and Sussex Show’ made it sound like a big trade show – I pictured wall to wall stalls of professional craft businesses. Even though I felt we might be a little ‘handmade’ for the show we went for it, because after all what’s the worst that can happen?









Lots of new and awesome products we made for the stall and for ETSY. Victoria has made some really great jewellery. Talented that one, ay!

Unfortunately the day was quiet and the sales were low. However it was still worth it to meet some of the other stall holders and get to work on building a network and community.

All of our new items will be up on ETSY by tomorrow, but why not head over there now and take a look at the new flower crowns?

Take care all and enjoy the sunshine!

E x

P.S I realised half way through the day I’d dressed like Rosie the Riveter! #wecandoit!



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