Tutorial ~ The Modern Friendship Bracelet

Hello all,

It’s Saturday morning and the past week has been hell in work. This is why school terms should be no longer than 5 weeks, it’s exhausting both for pupils and teachers. Despite that I still woke up at 5:30am on the dot and couldn’t get back to sleep. Overtired perhaps?

To counteract the being up totally early I decided to start the day right with some simple crafting. Bliss. With it being so early I decided to make a few very simple modern ‘friendship’ bracelets. three bracelets

As a teenager I used to wear vast quantities of friendship bracelets; beaded, plaited, rubber you name it I probably wore it.  I still love the feel of stacking bracelets on my wrist (not so many theses days though), it takes me back to easier days. Although with that moody teenage expression you wouldn’t think it was easier. Blast from the Past

Here’s how you can make your own modern ‘friendship’ bracelet

You will need

Embroidery Thread


Step 1. Cut your chain to size using the pliers. I cut my chain to 10 links, approximately an inch.
Step 2. Cut your embroidery thread to length. You will need two strands for either side of approximately 30cm and folded in half. step 1Step 2. Thread the two strands of thread through one end of the chain.step 2

Step 3. Thread the thread through the other end of the chain.step 3 again
Step 4. Tie a knot in the thread nearest the chain to secure. step 4 uno

Step 5. Tie a know at the end of the thread. step 5

And you’re done. Time to wear it either by itself or stacked with other on trend bracelets.




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