Feature Friday ~ 4th July DIY!

Hi all,

We at MeOhMycrafts wish all of our USA readers a happy Independence Day! We have loved reading all the brilliant blog posts and craft ideas! We love the positive messages and happy nature that the posts have exuded.

Due to the celebratory weekend we thought we wait and do our Feature Friday as a best of 4th of July DIY round-up.

Even though there were so many brilliant ideas, we’ve chosen three of our favorite projects – all of which are slightly outside the box. We thought that these three ideas would be brilliant universally as well as for all celebratory occasions.

1// Lady Liberty floral crown:


Love a floral crown  (in case you didn’t guess from our ETSY shop) and this is a very on trend and creative interpretation of an iconic crown.

2// Firework drink stirrers:

DIY-Fireworks-Drink-Stirrers4 (1)

We really like how easy this craft idea is and how great the final results are. We’re always looking for small ideas that anyone can achieve and this fits the bill!

3// Star Cluster Necklace:


A really cool tutorial from Teenvouge – to make it more 4th of July you could stick the three colours: red, white and blue.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your holiday weekend across the pond and for those of you around the world, we hope you can take these inspirations and adapt them to your own holidays!

Take care,

E x

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