Inspiration ~ Interior Design – Scandi Style.

Hi all,

It’s been 5 months since I moved into my new house and finally we’ve collected all the bits of furniture we need to function properly. We only need one more chair and a barbeque and we’re set!

So now that the basics are sorted I can go ahead a fully focus on making it my own. There are lots of little bits and pieces that are my unique stamp on my home but now I can think a bit bigger!

When I was growing up my mum kept everything immaculate and clean. She went through a process of lightening all the rooms and there was a running joke that she wanted to paint the whole house cream. It used to drive me insane and I vowed that when I got my own house I was going to paint every room a different colour and I was going to have a home that looked ‘lived in’. However as I got older (sob) I started to find ‘clutter’ infuriating and actually wanted everything to look clean and spacious: and thus I resigned to the fact that I had indeed inherited some of my mothers traits!

My favorite style is Scandi: black and white, minimalist, spacious and clean while mixing modern with retro.




Eames_house_bird (2)

As well as the juxtaposition of the modern and retro, I also really like the juxtaposition of nature and geometric shapes. I also love the pops of colour, often concentrating on yellow, turquoise blue, and green.

I have a lot of wall space that needs filling so I’ve been busy searching for prints! Although I’m not too keen on typography prints and lean more towards  graphic design and illustration, I have found some really nice things which I thought I’d share with you.

So here are my Scandi finds:

1// Alphabet print from Number fifteen.


2// Black Bird DIY clock by


3// Ikea Wall Clock:


4// Wooden deer head wall trophy by Clive Roddy:


5// Scandi Houses by Amy Walters:


6// Retro Fruit poster from EmuDesigns:


For a little pop of colour, these are great!

1// Abstract print from Ashely G:


2// Up up and Away by nOmeo:


3// Yellow Scotty Dog Wall Mount by Urban Outfitters:



4// Vintage Metal Letters by Bonnie and Bell:


Now it’s just a case of getting the man friend on side and getting started!

Take care,

E x

4 thoughts on “Inspiration ~ Interior Design – Scandi Style.

  1. glad to hear you are all settled in and ready for the fun bit of decorating! I love scandi style too (although I can’t resist a bright colours and knick knacks combo) and actually have a wooden deer head above our kitchen doorframe that our friend made but it looks exactly the same as the Clive Roddy one! 🙂


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