Inspiration ~ My Favourite DIY/Craft blogs.

Hi all,

I have always been creative: ideas filling my head, finding inspiration in everyday things and seeing the world in a slightly different way to others. The manfriend often asks how I can be in silence and not have the TV or radio on. To me though it’s never silent: my thoughts are always going and I don’t hear the silence, in fact not being in silence is often distracting and I can’t concentrate!

It was really after I moved out of my family home and into my own home that I started to actually make some of the things that were spilling out of my head. There was a slight fear of being too messy at my parents house but in my own place I can make as much mess as I like! And I love it!

I have been a big, big fan of craft blogs for a while and still get so excited when new posts come out. The more I got into reading them the more brilliant ones I found! I started to not only be totally inspired by these like minded people but I also started to establish the type of crafts I was most attracted to. I like modern/clean and clever makes mixed with a bit of retro. As long as it looks polished and professional I love it.

This post is a list of my top craft/diy blogs that I follow. I can only hope to one day be anywhere near as good as these girls!

1// Oh so Pretty – a beautiful blog by Victoria focusing on ‘beauty in minimalism, neutral tones, and a whole lotta white space’.



2// The Lovely Drawer – a ‘Style inspiration and DIY idea’ blog by the very artistically talented Teri.




3// Homey oh My! – stylish home decor/accessories DIY ideas from Amy.



4// A Beautiful Mess – brilliant life style and diy blog from sisters Elsie and Emma.



5// The Crafted Life – ‘mission to make crafting easy, fulfilling and fun!’ By the very talented Rachel.




6// creature comforts – a stunning design and life style blog filled with brilliant diy’s and art work from illustrator Ez Pudewa.bags


7// ISPYDIY – an all round brilliant blog from Jenni who has a love of all things monochrome with a pop of colour. The blog features awesome and perfectly executed DIY projects ranging from fashion to decor to food and drink.



Please take a look at these inspirational blogs. The projects and posts are all fantastic and I hope they can bring some creativity into your own lives.

Take care,

E x



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