Tutorial ~ Washer Bracelet

Hi all,

It’s been a pretty rubbish day at work. It started out badly when I woke up convinced it was Friday and went downhill from there. I rarely have bad days and find it hard to shake the feeling even when it’s home time. To try and get my mind off the  day I decided to finish one of the projects I’ve had in the making: washer bracelets.

This came about when we put our new BBQ together and there were a few spare washers kicking around. The same day I had got my hands on some mint coloured nail varnish and just by chance the two kind of ended up next to each other which gave me an idea: diy painted washer bracelet!


To make your own you will need:


  • Nail polish
  • Connecting rings
  • Chain and Clasps
  • Jewellery pliers (which I don’t own so I used the pliers from my tool kit!)

Step 1// Paint your washers with the nail polish.


Step 2// Connect your washers with the rings. You’ll need the pliers (sorry for the blurred picture):


Use two for each link as this gives the final product better movement. Using just one to link the washers make them a bit stiff.

Step 3// Measure and connect your chain and clasps:


We think this is such a nice up cycling idea. What do you think?

We hope you feel inspired and maybe if you’re having a bad day too then try a craft to take your mind off it – trust me it works.

Take care,

E x

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