Feature Friday ~ Outdoor BBQ Decor

Hi all,

Victoria here for this week’s Feature Friday post. I’ve been longing for a summer BBQ this year and now that the school holidays have arrived here in Great Britain it’s time for teachers all over the country to let their hair down. So my theme this week is *drum roll please*, Do It Yourself outdoor party ideas. 

Once I’ve tided up the house, I plan to use these Feature Friday finds to make decorations for the BBQ this evening. Excited!

No 1// Washi Tape

Washi Tape has become an essential part of my craft kit. So many designs, so many possibilities. Here are a few ideas to help you decorate with washi tape. 

Use coordinating tape to decorate the straws and create simple coasters for your guests. 

How about some simple but super cute bunting?

Or you could even use it to reduce waste or washing up. Simple apply some tape to each glass or cup and guests simply write their name on it. Easy, colourful and reduces waste. 

No 2// Outdoor Lighting

When the sun starts to fade, the fire comes out. We love out fire pit and chiminea. However they don’t light the way in the dark. Light is always needed whether you’ve a small or large garden. 

Starting simple, you can always pop tea-light candles into jars. But come on, let’s make it a bit more decorative. How about these?

Simply tie fresh lavender or dried lavender around the jars using twine or string. 

Got floating candles? Fill the jar with water and add a variety of fruits and herbs, with the right combinations they can even be used as insect repellents. 

Finally why not use jars to hold your own DIY candles. These mason jars would look splendid in a variety of colours. 

No 3// Keep it cool

Guests never like a warm drink.Here are some decorative ways of helping your guests keep cool. 

Why not pick some edible flowers from the garden and freeze them in ice cubs. You could even add some fruit if your unsure of what is safe in your garden arrangements. 

Use frozen fruit to decorate cocktails. Simply place fruit on mini-skewers and freeze. Pop in your drinks for a sophisticated look. 

Finally use your garden equipment for decoration with a purpose. That old wheelbarrow can make the perfect drinks cooler. 

Hope you get plenty of opportunities this summer to enjoy your outdoor space with friends and family. 



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