Tutorial ~ Stackable Beaded Wire Bracelets

You know that obsession I mentioned recently about beaded jewellery? Well it’s getting worse.

Check out these quirky bracelets, they’re really easy to make and look great stacked.


To make these darlings you need just two materials, how great is that?

tools (2)

You will need
Wire ( I used 0.9mm black coloured wire)
Round beads
Pliers ( I used round nosed and chain nose)
Wire cutters

Step 1. Cut your wire to size, I measured my wrist and cut the wire  to the same size.
Step 2. Using the round nose pliers, create a hoop at the end of the wire.
Step 3. Feed your beads onto the wire, leave about 8mm.
Step 4. At the end of the wire make another hoop using the round nose pliers to close off the wire, ensuring none of the beads will fall off.
Step 5. Wrap the beaded wire around your wrist to shape and you’re done!

Easy? Why not make many more, use a variety of beads. Share them or stack them.


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