Creative Lives

Hello Me Oh Myers,

Welcome to our new feature, Creative Lives.

Recently I’ve been enjoying the ability to do NOTHING. If feels very weird but it’s allowed me to find my creative side again. Being able to get lost in my thoughts in the summer shade is a great starting point for creativity.

Since I started teaching I’ve thrown myself into it 100% and have found myself working every hour possible to ensure I do the best job I can for my students. But since starting my new job as Lead Teacher of Humanities, free time has been gained (not through lack of effort might I add) and I’ve discovered a part of me that has been hidden away for a while.

I didn’t exactly lose my creative side over the past 2 years, I did some making, but I must admit I have found it difficult to relax enough to come up with original ideas. Pinterest has been the source of much inspiration. Whilst that isn’t all bad, I do like to come up with ideas of my own.

Creative Pasts

Ever since I can remember I’ve been crafting and making. I’ve tried looking for a number of old pieces I’ve had since I was a little to share with you, but can I find them? Of course not. But I did find these former creations on my old cut out and keep profile. I joined the site over 7 years ago, I was 20 then, days were longer and more beautiful (I was at it Uni, it was by the sea). I was massively inspired by nature and recycling as at the time I worked at an inspirational eco centre in the depth of the Pantperthog valley. I still care about the environment but I’m not as pro-active and involved as I used to be. Teaching kind of takes over your life and you need to set your priorities, unfortunately eco-activism isn’t one of them any more.

Anyway back to crafts from the past… all of these at the time were original creations. They were my ideas that came from inspirations around me. Whilst I love Pinterest, I do feel it kills off individual creativity  in some ways.

creative lives

Crafty Backstories

Almost everything I make has a backstory, a reason or purpose. I’m one of those crafters that needs to have a purpose to make. For instance the notice board I made for a Craft Swap and sent it to a girl in the USA. She loved it.  The theme was ‘Your Country’ and the idea has been that you send something associated with where your from. Can you guess the associated country for the notice board? (post your answers in the comments). It was time consuming with the sanding down of the picture frame but it was really easy to make.

The Tree of  Life necklace I made as a leaving gift for a friend I worked with at the Eco Centre. I wrapped it up in a gift bag made from an up-cycled cereal box and newspaper, super cute.
The embroidery hoop I made to decorate the wall in the porch of our ‘new’ home at them time.

And leaving my favourite  until last the ring pull brooch. I loved these, so fiddley to make but doesn’t it look cool? In my teenage years, I hung out with the punks and rockers we drank a lot of … canned beverages, being the horder I am I collected the ring pulls and kept them attached to a giant safety pin on my handmade denim bag. When that bag fell apart (as it would after 5 years of use), I stored the ring pulls in my craft collection for a future project. This was it, several years later I started to make these ring pull brooches. These came about as I started making and selling jewellery I made out of bottle caps collected from the pub I wourked in, I hated seeing all the caps going in the bin each night so started to save them. That’s when I created my alter ego, Skacore Princess  she made upcycled creations. These in turn were a design I added to the collection,however  unfortunately the shop that sold my wares closed down and my side project flopped But I learnt a lot about jewellery making at the time and it meant I bought the basic tools I needed to make well finished pieces.

I love this feeling of being inspired again, having ideas pop into my head and then having the time to try them out.
However I had better not get used to it, only 3 and half weeks left  until the new school year and next year I will have 2 classes sitting their GCSE’s at the end of the year. Eck.

Until then however I will get back to enjoying this crafty ideal and plan for the Christmas markets.


Victoria Signature





p.s. We would love to hear about the creativity in your lives and are looking for bloggers to guest on our new Creative Lives feature. Interested?
Email us or leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you. x



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