Inspiration ~ Dip Dyed T-shirt



This summer as I’m sure you’re aware by now I am hooked on dying. I’ve tried creating natural dyes  out of black beans, elderberries, strawberries, raspberries and even spinach leaves. After our recent post on dip dye ideas and my failure with my attempt at using natural dyes for dip dying I resorted to having a  go using manufactured dye. It was really easy to do, in fact I did it at the same time as making a dip dyed tablecloth (that’s a future post).

To make my t-shirt I simply created the dye bath with the salt fixant as instructed on the packet. Laid the t-shirt over the side up to the highest point I wanted to dye to reach then every 15 minutes I lifted the t-shirt out. Unfortunately the photos don’t show the variation in colour quite as well as the real thing, but I reckon it looks good all the same. What do you think? tshirtcollage

It definitely turned out better than the natural dye, was it the material I used or the dye itself I wonder? I really love how it turned out, plus it looked great on (I hate having photos taken and this was the best of a bad bunch my boyfriend took 🙂 ).
victoria tshirt




Anyway have you had a go at dip dying yet? Been inspired to have a go yourself?

Share with us your ideas and creations in the comments below.


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