It’s our 1st Birthday

1todayWhooooo! Yay!!!!! We are so pleased to announce it’s Me Oh My’s first birthday. That’s one whole year since our first post.

We have been blown away by all support we’ve had both online and offline for our creative endeavours. We really appreciate all the feedback, comments and ideas we’ve been given over the last year.


Our achievements to date include

100 blog posts
102 followers on WordPress
88 followers on Facebook
58 followers on Twitter
2 market stalls
1 TV appearance (coming this Autumn)

It may not seem like a lot in comparison to all the great blogs out there with hundreds and thousands of followers, but to us it means a lot.
We’ve enjoyed many adventures and have enjoyed sharing our crafting successes and failures with you all over the past year.

Me Oh My is our hobby. We both have (very different) full time jobs and often find it difficult to spend time creating and writing,  but we’ve managed it for a whole year now and we LOVE it.

As a way to say thank you to our lovely readers we’ve created this wonderful birthday giveaway. To find out how to enter head over to our Birthday Giveaway post for full details.



Thanks again to all our frequent readers.


Victoria and Elisa


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