Tutorial ~ Chalkboard Storage Jars

It’s that time of year again, it’s time to go back to school. Like many teachers when I refer to the New Year, I don’t mean January 1st. Nope, our new year begins when we go back to school. It kind of reminds me of being young whilst also it gives me a sense of  panic. Have I done everything? Argh, I’ve not done this or I’ve not done that. There is this internal sense of dread, but in the end it turns out okay.

In my efforts to stem the panic I’ve spent the afternoon making storage for my classroom. I HATE my classroom not being organised but at the same time I HATE having to spend money on more resources. In my efforts to be frugal (not cheap) I’ve created these chalkboard storage jars.




To make your own you will need

Chalkboard paint
Sponge Brush
Clean Jars

I had planned on using spray paint to colour the jar lids but decided against it. tools


Step 1. Mark out using the tape where you will place you chalkboard  label. Ensure it is firmly pressed against the jar.

step 1

Step 2. Using the sponge brush carefully apply your chalkboard paint to the jar. Be careful of paint running or getting under the tape.

step 2Step 3. Allow to dry for half an hour to an hour. If your jars need another coat of paint, ensure the bottom coat is dry first. I made the mistake of not ensuring it was completely dry on a few of them and the paint cracked. Not a good look.

Step 4. Once dry remove the tape and fill your jars with pretty things. I even added some washi tape to a few of them for colour.





What do you think? It makes me a little excited to go back to school, just so I can fill them with stationary, I know totally lame.

Anyone else heading back to school soon or already back? What did you make for the new school year? Share your ideas with us.



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