Tutorial ~ Dip Dyed Tablecloth

Here it is Me Oh Myers,

I have another dip dye creation for you. Yay! The dip dyed tablecloth. If you’re wondering why all my recent crafts have been dip dye related,  having bought the manufactured non-natural stuff I felt I had to make the most of it. I dyed everything I thought suitable including cotton for tablecloths, t-shirts, rope, ribbon… the list continues. Hope I’m not boring you with them yet.I’ve only one more to share after this.

I actually carried out the dying process over two weeks ago but this one I’ve needed to finish before I could post the tutorial . I kind of kept putting it off as it meant I had to dust off the sewing machine.  Tut tut. Just after I created this I spotted this lookalike on  Brit & Co. Great minds and all that.

To create your own you will need
Dye – follow the instructions on the packet
Cotton fabric cut to the appropriate size
A suitable container Rubber gloves
Dressmaker pins

Step 1. Lay out your fabric out flat and fold in half

step 1 Step 2. Fold in half again lengthways

Step 2Step 3. Place pins along the edge to indicate your changes

step 3

Step 4. Ensure your wearing rubber gloves at this point. Hold your fabric at the very top along the fold and lay your fabric in the dye bath to the highest pin.

step 4

Step 5. Use this technique or every 15-20 mins pull your fabric out to the next pin

step 5


Step 6. Once you have reached the end of your fabric and you are happy with the results take out and rinse in luke warm water and then allow to drive out of direct sunlight.

Step 7. Once dry, lay it out and  it should look something like this (hopefully).


Now you can leave it as it is or finish it off with a simple double folded hem

To finish it off you will need

A sewing machine
Thread of a suitable colour
Dressmaker pins

Step 8. First iron your material and then fold your material over 1/2 an inch so the wrong sides are touching. Iron flat.
Step 9. Fold it over 1/2 inch again to encase the raw edge inside of the hem; pin in place.
Step 10. Neatly sew along the edges and trim any loose ends.

And your done., now you just need to invite a few friends around to show your accomplishments.


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