Feature Friday ~ Back to School

Hello Me Oh Myers,

This week Elisa is off swanning around Scotland (I’m sure we’ve some great photos to look forward to), so it’s Victoria here with this weeks Feature Friday.
I love this time of year, going back to school for the simple fact I can stock up on vast quantities of stationary, post it notes, stickers etc. etc.

But rather than purchase run of the mill designs I want something individual and unique this year. So let’s get creative.

1// The Essential Equipment

Pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers… all essential whatever stage of education you are in, even in the workplace we all need them. Why have boring when you can have bright?

Create some of these super cute colour block pencils in colours of your choice by The Crafted Life



How about using the totally brillaint washi tape to make custom designed washi tape pencils. The possibilities are endless.

Or if you haven’t time to customise you own you would get someone to do it for you like Anna-Marie Loves. Perhaps add inspiration quotes to make you smile.


2// Note Taking

How about making your own up-cycled note books. I love these from Creme de la Craft.


They’re really easy to make, I made them with my Eco Art club last year and they loved them.

Already bought your books why not decorate and customise them?

How about creating a Pointillism Notebook, what a great idea from The Crafted Life

Or how about a chalkboard notebook like this one from Honest to Nod

or how about using stamps to create a custom design like Claireabelle Makes has done. Not only has she stamped the cover, she also make it.

3// Super Storage

We all need somewhere to store our stationary, whether at school, in the office or at home.

Pencilcases? Anyone still use those? I love this glittery number from Vivid Please! You could follow the tutorial or if you’re really lazy just buy a plain pencil case, then glue + glitter = awesome. How easy an effect to achieve right?

I love these dinosaur and animal storage jars from Room to Bloom. Definitely the next project on my list  of classroom makes.


How about reusing some of those jar you’ve had stored away? A bit of chalkboard pain, perhaps some washi tape and bang! Chalkboard storage jars ready to fill.


Well I’ve hope you’re feeling inspired. Have a creative weekend.


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