Inspiration ~ Icelandic Crafts


Victoria here. Wow what a month February has been for me. Got a new job, been to Iceland, celebrated with friends. Fun times.

Whilst in Iceland on a school trip I saw some amazing scenery and came across some quiant crafts. It was a Geography trip so we spent most of the time is very sparsely populated  areas and there was little opportunity to explore the towns of Iceland but these are what I managed to find.

These are a few of my favorites from the trip.

These pieces of decorative cross-stitch were discovered in the dining room of the accommodation on the second night of our trip. They were absolutely fantastic, some very intricate designs. Clearly there was very little to do in the area in Winter months of years gone by.cross stitch

These lovely jars were found in the same accommodation. Although they didn’t set them out for our evening meal I imagine they would have created a very romantic ombience. I loved their use of their natural surrounding in this craft. jars

Finally on our last night in the youth hostel we were greeted by these wonderful decorations on the doors. Very intricate but very natural. I would love to recreate these as wedding decorations.


I felt really inspired by the environment of Iceland and hopefully (if I find the time) I will post some of the crafts I have been inspired to make since my return to the British shores.

On our final day we spent a couple of hours with our tour guide exploring Reykjavik. Whilst being shown around we came across this little fella. He made me smile.


And of that note, have a great weekend.