Events: Crafty Beggars behind the scenes!

Hi all,

We did this post way back but the episode just aired so we thought we’d go back and take a look behind the scenes again.

So as you will know, if you are an avid reader of ours, that last weekend we were fortunate to be part of a TV show called Crafty Beggars.

We stumbled across the application a fair while ago and just thought ‘why not?’ We applied and went to meet the presenters and Hobby Craft, who sponsored the show, and were invited to be on the show.

The premise of the show is a two team competition where both teams have a £20 budget to spend on materials. They have a day to beg, borrow and buy all they need and make everything they want to sell the next day on a craft stall. The idea really is to spend as little as possible by being frugal and upcycling.

In the beginning we brainstormed (or mind mapped – ay, ay) and had tonnes of ideas from cork coasters, twig decorations, drift wood signs and map items. We thought about what the cheapest materials were we could use, aiming for low cost but with a high quantity and we decided that our best bet was felt! We love felt!

We planned and re-planned and planned again. There were sheets and lists and phone calls and recce’s!

In the end we narrowed what we were going to make down to felt brooches and necklaces, heart cork boards and beaded jewellery – we figured (even though sometimes it feels like it) that we aren’t super human and that unfortunately there aren’t enough hours in the day to make everything we had original wanted to.

We planned everything in detail including our stall:



Ooo look at that! Pretty!

So after all the prepping and planning the day of filming arrived… well actually before that there was the manic rush home from work on the Friday evening, piling everything into the car (so much stuff) and quickly scoffing dinner. Then there was the frantic rush to Brighton and final preparations! Oh yeah and not forgetting the utter panic when I realised I had forgotten the most important bag of materials in the chaos!

We were exhausted already! But the next day arrived and filming commenced…


The morning consisted of standing around awkwardly while people got busy establishing shots of us, most of which were of us walking un-naturally trying to generate ‘natural looking’ conversation and then rushing around collecting all of our materials!

We had arranged to collect a whole box of wine corks from a local Brighton wine bar, Ten Green Bottles and the rest was felt and jewellery bits. We then spent the rest of the afternoon, evening and a fair portion of the night, making all of our items!




The next day of filming was a bit of a tired, hazy blur that started with the panic making of tissue paper pom poms (as someone may have left that bag at home too, but we don’t like to talk about that…)



I would like to highlight how great Victoria is looking in that picture seeing as she was a/ tired and b/really poorly! Like a trooper she didn’t let a silly soar throat or stuffy head effect our day.

The rest of the day was spent luring people to our stall and being filmed selling what we could. We were really pleased with how everything came together and it was awesome to see it all complete and together.


Vikki working away




We worked hard that weekend and we’re really proud of the results. We owe a big thanks to everyone who helped us out and all of our items will be up on our ETSY shop within the week.


The show doesn’t air until the Autumn so we’ll keep you updated! You’ll have to wait until then to see how we did.

Take care,

Victoria and Elisa


BIG NEWS ~ Our first ever TV appearence!

Hi all,

Did you hear we have some BIG NEWS?

The Me Oh My! duo are going to be on TV, yes TV. We are taking part in a competition show called Crafty Beggars, sponsored by Hobbycraft, very soon and you could join us.


farm market brightonOn Sunday 18th May we will be holding a stall as part of the show at  DIPLOCK YARD FARM MARKET (sometimes it’s called THE FARMER’S MARKET) in NORTH ROAD, BRIGHTON from 11am.

We encourage all our friends, family and (local) followers to come and visit our stall (and maybe buy something) on the Sunday at the market in Brighton.

The entrance to the market is marked with a very pretty flower stall and lots of balloons. It’s opposite the Backpackers Hostel and a bright DIY pottery shop, and it’s just up from where the end of Gardner St meets North Rd. We’ve been told there’s a lovely café at the back of the market too, so you can grab a coffee and cake.

Bring along friends, family and even the dog, the more the merrier (plus if we win, we’ll be super grateful).

We’d love to see many familiar faces and hope to see some new ones. We are really excited by this opportunity and can not wait to share our experiences with you after the filming.

See on Sunday the 18th!

V & E